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Now we have proof the DWP has harmed the mentally ill, is Iain Duncan Smith proud?

Excellent article from Mike Sivier @ Vox Political on line  TRIGGER ALERT: Please note this article contains reference to mental health issues. Yet again, the Department of Work and Pensions has been revealed as an organ of monstrous bureaucratic cruelty … Continue reading

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“The Truth”, “The State” and “The Citizen” – a modern day fairy story.

Once upon a time in a Principality far away, lived a princess. The princess worked hard, she had two jobs. She paid her taxes to “The State” The princess liked to help people. She did not like injustice in any … Continue reading

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Cry Freedom!

With thanks to the Consumer Action Group (CAG) for the information. Members of the public could be charged up to £100 to submit requests for information to councils, police forces or the Government under a right-to-know crackdown. A commission set … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas, yer filthy animal …

Merry Christmas you filthy animal – YouTube Look at the state of him! So, here we are, 8 weeks to Christmas and the tories, headed up by the drug addled Gidiot Osborne, are going to cut tax credits. The … Continue reading

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George Osborn’s ESA double whammy

Originally posted on Telling it as it is:
George Osborn wants to take away the extra money (£30) that the sick receive within their Employment and Support Allowance George saw it and thought he had sorted it, unfortunately this is…

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I’m so dizzy, my head is spinning!

Reposted from an article by Siobhan Fenton Make no mistake – this Tory Government isn’t here to end poverty but to rebrand it. Perhaps never before has this country been ruled by a party so image obsessed and PR driven. … Continue reading

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The Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) has closed its investigation into the Department for Work and Pensions’ use of comments and images from fake benefits claimants in a leaflet designed to demonstrate the positive impact of a controversial government … Continue reading

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Welsh = likes rugby and can sing!

Ah stereotypes – doncha just love ’em. I am Welsh. I like rugby. But I can’t sing. I remember many years ago staying in Newcastle with friends and deciding to sample the nightlife. We ended up on the Tuxedo Princess, … Continue reading

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“Lessons have been learned”

Do you recognise that quote? It’s the quote that is often trollied out when someone dies at the hands of the state; usually preceded by the words a Police/NHS/DWP (delete as applicable) spokesperson says … As some of you may … Continue reading

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Oh what a tangled web he weaves, when first he practices to deceive *

Reposted from the Morning Star on line *With apologies to Sir Walter Scott AFTER a long wait, the much anticipated benefit claimant death figures were finally released by Iain Duncan Smith (IDS) this summer after being blocked for … Continue reading

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