Merry Christmas, yer filthy animal …

Merry Christmas you filthy animal – YouTube

  • ... Members of parliament to be <b>drug</b> tested. Starting with <b>George</b> <b>Osborne</b>
Look at the state of him!
So, here we are, 8 weeks to Christmas and the tories, headed up by the drug addled Gidiot Osborne, are going to cut tax credits.
The letters advising tax credit claimants  of the cuts, will be sent out just before Christmas. How lovely! How very … compassionate conservatives.
Now where, I think, the tories have made a major mistake, is that they are so used to implementing draconion cuts and measures on those least able to fight back, like the vulnerable, ill and disabled, so riding on the crest of a wave, they’ve decided to cut tax credits, forgetting that a large number of middle income families (who probably voted tory in the last election) rely on them.
The other thing is, that it is all very well advocating cuts to tax credits, but it’s quite another to do it without a) a transitional period and b) the infrastructure in place to support it.
By infrastructure, I mean ensuring that employers pay a living wage so that people don’t have to claim tax credits.
The tories argue that employees can simply increase their hours and earn more money …. really?  That MIGHT be possible in the private sector, but what about those in the public sector.
There is no overtime available and staff are unable to increase their hours.
I know this for a fact as I work for a government department.
Another thing to consider is that for a lot of people claiming tax credits, childcare costs are very often higher than mortgage or rent payments, so if you were able to increase your hours, there would be a corresponding increase in your childcare costs.
Oh … another thing the tories are forgetting is, which government department will be carrying out these changes?
Why HMRC of course … well, that will be interesting because the tories have drastically reduced HMRC staff so the chances are that the private company of many a tax credit fuck up  – Concentrix will be used, with more cost to the public purse. But those costs won’t bother the tories who want to get through these cuts at ANY cost.
So without the Lib Dems to temper tory excesses and without the tories being unable to blame Labour (although I’m sure they’ll try) the true picture of the tories will be revealed.
There will be nowhere for them to run and nowhere for them to hide.
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