Now we have proof the DWP has harmed the mentally ill, is Iain Duncan Smith proud?

Excellent article from Mike Sivier @ Vox Political on line 

TRIGGER ALERT: Please note this article contains reference to mental health issues.

ESA sanctions ranked by disability: Notice that mental illness attracts by far the largest number of sanctions. Aren't these the people who are most likely to commit suicide in such circumstances?

Yet again, the Department of Work and Pensions has been revealed as an organ of monstrous bureaucratic cruelty this week, with a report from the charity Mind showing that the DWP is three times more likely to sanction someone with mental health problems than to help them find work.

The report states that 250,000 people with mental health issues are receiving Employment and Support Allowance, and of these, 19,259 were sanctioned last year while only 6,340 were helped into work in the same time frame.

Read the original article by clicking on the link below;

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6 Responses to Now we have proof the DWP has harmed the mentally ill, is Iain Duncan Smith proud?

  1. Bioman says:

    My Dear, I am an example. A reader who is both on DLA for Mental Health Reasons and has had his ESA sanctioned leading to cessation of housing benefit and Council Tax benefits….over two months ago now. I am well in the poo and i don’t mean Winnie. I have in turn have placed my wieght upon support services driving up the figures for usage and therefore need. When my internet connection goes down…whoops.

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  2. Bioman says:

    Thank you for the info. It all gets treated as run of the mill by all concerned but unaffected…I of course am the one living on beans and toast. What a mess. And my credit score is gone of course. Without warning as they come, one’s finances take a pounding.

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