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Welsh = likes rugby and can sing!

Ah stereotypes – doncha just love ’em. I am Welsh. I like rugby. But I can’t sing. I remember many years ago staying in Newcastle with friends and deciding to sample the nightlife. We ended up on the Tuxedo Princess, … Continue reading

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“Lessons have been learned”

Do you recognise that quote? It’s the quote that is often trollied out when someone dies at the hands of the state; usually preceded by the words a Police/NHS/DWP (delete as applicable) spokesperson says … As some of you may … Continue reading

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Oh what a tangled web he weaves, when first he practices to deceive *

Reposted from the Morning Star on line *With apologies to Sir Walter Scott AFTER a long wait, the much anticipated benefit claimant death figures were finally released by Iain Duncan Smith (IDS) this summer after being blocked for … Continue reading

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I cried today …

I CRIED TODAY! because I am fearful … Fearful of the tory elite. I watch the news as the poor, they beat. Zero hours, tax credit cuts, death, destruction, NHS dismantilisation.  tory voices cry … “ONE NATION” But I have … Continue reading

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Oh and guess what … now he’s coming for the pensioners!

Reposted from BBC News When I first read this I honestly thought it was a joke. Who in their right mind makes quotes like this? … I mean, seriously!!! Many of those hit by a cut to the winter fuel … Continue reading

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…and now he’s coming for the self – employed

Reposted from the Void As part of his cunning plan, Gidiot Osborne – the Chancer (No – not a spelling mistake) of the Exchequer, now has his sights set on the self – employed. Plans to raise the minimum wage … Continue reading

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Thanks to Corbyn the country can now, at last, properly debate issues like Trident

Reposted from Tom London blog The great 18th century democratic revolutionary, Tom Paine, wrote: – “A long habit of not thinking a thing wrong, gives it a superficial appearance of being right.” Jeremy Corbyn is now challenging the received wisdom over … Continue reading

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