New Years’ Resolutions?

Bit late, I know, but Happy New Year to all the readers of my blog, old and new.

As someone much more famous than me once said … “Lets hope it’s a good one without any tears”

Well the tories are still at it … dismantling the NHS and selling it off to their rich mates and tory donors, cutting the budgets to the flood defences with all the consequences of that highlighted in the news on a daily basis and continuing to make life intolerable for those who have to rely on the welfare state (no change there then!)

But one thing that has really got my goat is the Labour MP Stephen Doughty and his “resignation” live on air.

Who is Stephen Doughty? I hear you ask …

Bit more about him here …

Now I’ve nothing against Stephen Doughty personally, in fact, he has helped me in the past with a friends husband who was hit with a parking fine at a local hospital, which ended up with the fine being waived, as a result of his intervention… so I thank him for that.

But to allow himself to be used as a pawn in  BBC propaganda  against Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party, well that is just unforgivable in my book. (bit more info about that here)

g millward Retweeted Jeremy for PM

For your info

g millward added,



You helped me in the past & I will ALWAYS appreciate that, but to resign on live TV is not classy.


Haven’t we all worked for bosses who we haven’t always seen eye to eye with (I know I have) but for the greater good, we look beyond the personal feelings that we may have against that person.

This whole  episode has been a gift to the tories and allows them to deflect from the draconian policies that they are pushing through.

We must not let them!

Roll on 2020, when hopefully, enough people, such as NHS workers, the working poor, pensioners, students, the mentally ill, the young, the disabled, fire-fighters, public sector workers to name but a few, will have been so affected by tory policies that they vote for ANYONE but tory in the next general election!







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4 Responses to New Years’ Resolutions?

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  2. I was shocked they were voted in again. What were people thinking?!

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  3. jaynel62 says:

    Another 4 years of this – Let’s Hope we ALL make 2020. See you there xxx

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