The Crippled Estate of BBC Spin

No Time to Think

THERE is quite a storm raging around the hallowed sanctuary of the British Broadcasting Corporation today.

As a hard news journalist of some 30 years standing I am angry at the events which have unfolded, but not at all surprised.

It is a few weeks since I blogged on The Bankruptcy of the Fourth Estate and The Loaded Language of the British Press and it feels that today a few of those journalist chickens have come home to roost.

So let’s bring you up to speed.

Soon after Jeremy Corbyn’s election as leader of the Labour Party last September, the BBC was accused of an ‘anti Corbyn bias’ and challenged with a 61,000 strong petition demanding that they stop using the prefix ‘left-wing’ when reporting on events related to his leadership.

But even before he won a stunning 59.5% of the vote, ensuring the largest democratic mandate of…

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2 Responses to The Crippled Estate of BBC Spin

  1. The Bioman says:

    It did. Now it won’t I garantee you. It will stop and hen it will begin to see that it has taken action against Me for the very last time. I do not watch and I do not care who sees it – it is so poor I cannot bear to see. So there. But Nick Ross and chums had better watch out for I shall ban them from ever being in the audience of a Stage Act again, as well as Jeremy Goldswain who walked in front of me today in Bath and if I see HIM again I shall punch him on the nose. Clean. NOw, I want you to see this. Look at DWPExamination and see what it is that makes them all sound so educated now! I want you to read and see it too, please. Signed, the Bioman or the General Secretary of the Musician’s Union, Britain

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  2. jaynel62 says:

    Great find and repost – Thanks lovely xx

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