Up the junction

I try not to watch the Conservative supporting BBC programme, the Andrew Marr show too often … one has ones blood pressure to think about, don’t you know!

However it was on in the background as other members of my family like to watch it, (except for the cat) interspersed with shouting at the participants.

All I could hear was CaMORON saying …”let me be clear” – Gawd, if I had a penny for every time I’d heard that snake oil salesman say that, why I’d be a billionaire; because lets face it he couldn’t “be clear” if he tried.

But, right at the end Squeeze were on and well, I couldn’t believe my ears… as this twitter post describes;

Nice one Squeeze, clearly still

JeremyCorbyn4PM added,

I never thought it could happen,
the re election of Cameron.
Back in to number 10,
(here we go again)
5 more years of cuts,
but for his rich mates plenty
So be like me
Vote Labour in 2020
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5 Responses to Up the junction

  1. More twitter comments

    This mornings #marr show was well worth watching if only for this!! Well played @glenntilbrook & Squeeze
    David Clifford @DEC66

    “I grew up in council houses,
    They’re what made Britain great.
    They’re some here who are hell bent,
    On destroying the Welfare State”.

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  2. loobitzh says:

    Bravo Squeeze! made my day! Only wish a camera man could have zoomed in of our *Dearly Loved* Prime Minister. and Marr for that matter!!!

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  3. jaynel62 says:

    Loving your version too xxx

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