Update on GP’s providing sick note data to DWP

Yesterday, I posted an article from the Sunday Express, which you can read here:-


If any of you are likely to require a sick note or fit note (the correct term is an eMED3) you might like to consider writing to your GP to request that you opt out of your data being provided to the Health & Social Care information centre (HSCIC) who then transmit the data to DWP.

They aint half sneaky those tories, it appears there has been no public consultation about this and the DWP have left all the heavy lifting to the GP’s who as somebody remarked “as if they haven’t got enough to do already” and this “information” has been on their website since December 2015.

I know some people, particularly if they are unwell don’t always feel like, or have the confidence to compose a letter and so I have compiled a template letter, which covers the key points, for people to use should they wish.


Patient name

Patient address

4th September 20XX

Dr Name(s)

Surgery or Health Centre address

Dear Dr XXX

It has recently come to my attention that the Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC) have been instructed by the Secretary of State to extract and hand over patient information relating to the issue of eMED3 (Fit notes)

The NHS constitution states; “You have the right to request that your confidential information is not used beyond your own care and treatment and to have your objections to such use considered”

As the collection of data for eMED3 is for purposes beyond my direct care, I hereby give formal, written notification to all and any doctors, healthcare and allied professionals, including but not restricted to receptionists, office managers, administration and ancillary staff that I wish you as a data controller of my personal information, to apply a type 1 and 2 objection to the release of any of my data outside of the GP practice or any data from any health and social care setting being released by HSCIC.

Please acknowledge written receipt of this request and inform me in writing that the objection has been recorded on my written and electronic records.



signature of patient


If you want some more information about this despicable practice you can read more here; 





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