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Please read a report of our actions in Al Jazeera. 

Originally posted on The poor side of life:
Hi. This is a piece that took a while to get together. I worked alongside a reporter who normally spends his time reporting from war zones all over the world. He had…

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Universal Credit : In work, part time claimants sanctioned for taking holidays and …… for working!

Originally posted on Telling it as it is:
Unlike Zac and Sarah, Helen is a real person. A Lone Parent working hard and doing the right thing. This is Helen’s Story! She also says: I had a phone call last…

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The tory table

Confused about who the tories have shafted lately? Finding it difficult to keep up with who they’re screwing over? Losing sleep over their relentless onslaught on certain sections of society?   Well worry no more Dear Reader, here is your … Continue reading

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Please try to check, what’s so hard about that?

Originally posted on Poppy's Place:
No wonder people in this country believe disabled people are inherently scroungers, receiving money for nothing, when we are greeted by headlines in national newspapers and on the TV, like the ones I have…

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The tories – guilty of more “isims” than you can shake a stick at!

If these rich, privileged wankers conducted themselves like this in any other occupation, they would be out on their ear. The only time they are vaguely interested in the general public is when they want you to put an X in … Continue reading

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‘Just The Start’ Say Claimants And Disabled People As Blockade Brings Traffic Chaos To Central London

Originally posted on the void:
Islington Council have called the scheme Jobs on Prescription. This is an example from MHRN of what those prescriptions might look like. Disabled people, benefit claimants and supporters brought traffic chaos to Central London yesterday…

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My thoughts on Andrew Picard ( Boeckman ) & his father Phillip

Originally posted on shinybluedress's Blog: Imagine – if you can – a tiny girl of 3 being filmed & photographed whilst she is being raped. It’s unimaginable isn’t it? But it happened & it was captured in photos…

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