The tory table

Confused about who the tories have shafted lately?

Finding it difficult to keep up with who they’re screwing over?

Losing sleep over their relentless onslaught on certain sections of society?


Well worry no more Dear Reader, here is your handy guide showing who WILL NOT be voting tory (I’m sure you’ll be able to add some more to the “hit list” so please feel free to do so by adding a comment)


Happy Easter!


Class of riff raff Reason why they won’t be voting tory
Doctors I shouldn’t really need to point it out to anyone but here goes … NHS funding cuts, junior Doctor contracts (also see public sector employees) CaMORON trying to sell everything off to his mate Richard Branson
Nurses NHS funding cuts. Abolition of NHS bursaries  (also see public sector employees) 
Teachers Academies (England only for now) messing about with the curriculum, education cuts (also  see public sector employees)
Fire Service Pension changes, closure of fire stations (also see public sector employees)
Public Sector employees CUTS CUTS and more CUTS plus trying to privatise to their hearts content for example Land Registry, DWP (Atos/Maximus/A4E/G4S) HMRC (Concentrix/Swifts bailiffs) and many more ….
Disabled ESA cuts, PIP cuts, Work Capability assessment, Bedroom Tax.
Women Bedroom Tax, Tax credits
The “poor” Bedroom Tax, benefit sanctions, food banks
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8 Responses to The tory table

  1. The only people Tories don’t screw over are themselves and their rich mates.

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  2. jaynel62 says:

    If ONLY The People would GET THIS xx


  3. If only Jayne! BUT …. I think as far as the Doctors are concerned, the tide may be turning. A lot of Doctors voted tory at the last GE and judging by some of their comments on twitter e.g @iandocbri @p_nauhton @dr_alex_gates @clarecgp to name but a few, voting tory doesn’t seem to be an experience they want to repeat any time soon X X X


  4. The Bioman says:

    You make it sound like the poor and the disabled are avid readers.

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  5. Oh sorry Mr Bioman – been so busy in work at the moment I haven’t had chance to spit. X


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