Universal Credit : In work, part time claimants sanctioned for taking holidays and …… for working!

More Kafkaesque behaviour from the DWP

Telling it as it is

Unlike Zac and Sarah, Helen is a real person.

A Lone Parent working hard and doing the right thing.

This is Helen’s Story!

Helens storyShe also says: I had a phone call last week saying that there is a new rule coming in and that even though I am working 30hours a week I have to start going to the job centre weekly again to “help” me find a second job to get me off credits altogether  if I don’t attend these meetings I will be sanctioned and penalised again! I have lost around £300 per month since I got swapped over to UC already and just feel like the government just don’t care about the stress they are putting on working families

Figures published in Nov 2105 show that 144000 claimants are now signed onto Universal Credit. 32.5 % are in work, that’s some 45827 people who are at risk…

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7 Responses to Universal Credit : In work, part time claimants sanctioned for taking holidays and …… for working!

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  2. JohnDee says:

    Can’t read ‘Helen’s Story’ image?!

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    • Sorry John. Reblogged this from another site … will see if I can sort it.

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    • Hi John I’m no IT expert, but I managed to make the pic bigger by clicking on it (it then pops up in a new window) and then expanding it (I have a smart gesture keypad on my laptop so you may not be able to do that with yours) if you can’t do that let me know and I will type “Helens comment” in a reply to you. Hope that’s OK X

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      • JohnDee says:

        Thanks for your concern – I followed your link (“View original”) and viewed the original. Thanks for your blog. (BTW – Use Ctrl + ‘=’ in most browsers to zoom in and Ctrl + ‘-‘ next to it, to zoom out).

        I can hardly believe this petty restriction of freedom! I’d love to be on Question Time with Dungcan on the panel and ask him if he thought this fair. Doesn’t it breach human rights or something? It’s certainly morally indefensible, but so is the whole premise of the (s)Tory government, that it was the fault of the disabled and unemployed scroungers wot caused the crash in ’08. ‘Even worse – that the gutless British Public swallow it! ‘Just wait till it’s their turn.

        I think the (s)Tories are emboldened by the fact that legal aid is so hard to come by after their demolition job on justice – and, from personal experience, the little help available is worse than useless! My (lady) brief was unable to remember my name when talking to the judge at my possession order hearing (lost!), and when I asked her to offer an opinion on my bedroom tax appeal letter of two pages, she flatly refused to look at it whilst we were sat waiting for the possession order case to begin. Sigh…


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      • Sorry for all the palaver John and thanks for pointing out accessibility issues (note to self – bear that in mind in future)
        Yes I agree with you, these bloody tories are utterly relentless in the way that they are grinding down the poor, ill, disabled and vulnerable. If they only went after the tax evaders and B(W)ankers in the same way then the “tax gap” would be closed overnight. I’m sorry to hear of your tribulations over the possession order: I just despair, I really do, but that won’t stop me from doing what I can because as my dear old dad used to say to me (often) “it’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog” X X X

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  3. JohnDee says:

    You’re right about the corporate tax evaders and B(W)ankers (est. £100BN) http://www.taxresearch.org.uk/Documents/PCSTaxGap2014Full.pdf
    —but also let’s not forget the double standards that allow the (s)Tories to gift corporate welfare scroungers (est. £93BN)

    Imagine how much suffering we could alleviate with that available!

    Keep up the good work my dear ❤

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