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Originally posted on The Slog:
The dark memory lane of a damaged bellend The man for whom Cockney rhyming slang was invented, Jeremy Hunt, reportedly said the other day that most of the Junior Doctors didn’t know what they were…

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The politics of punishment and blame: in-work conditionality

Originally posted on Politics and Insights:
The Department for Work and Pensions has submitted a document about the Randomised Control Trial (RCT) they are currently conducting regarding in-work “progression.” The submission was made to the Work and Pensions Committee in…

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Terminally Ill Woman Has PIP Appeal Refused

Originally posted on Same Difference:
A terminally ill cancer patient who was refused a disability benefit by the Government has had her appeal turned down though her GP provided a lengthy description of her illness. Jane Windle, from Parkwood Street,…

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Capita Assessors Mock The Disabled While Earning Twenty Grand A Month

Originally posted on Same Difference:
A fitness for work assessor for Government contractor Capita boasted he “flew through” vital welfare disability tests – earning himself £20,000 a month. And another derided a disabled claimant as needing “help to wipe her…

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Hats, canals and tax dodging

  BLAIRMORE HOLDINGS, INC. (an investment company incorporated with limited liability under the laws of the Republic of Panama on 12 April 1982) SMITH & WILLIAMSON INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT LIMITED Well, I expect that most of you by now are aware … Continue reading

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