The Slog.


The dark memory lane of a damaged bellend

The man for whom Cockney rhyming slang was invented, Jeremy Hunt, reportedly said the other day that most of the Junior Doctors didn’t know what they were striking about. It’s funny, but many’s the time I’ve been, you know, sitting in the dentist’s waiting room and thought, ‘Aye aye,’ I’ve thought, ‘I’m in a dentist’s waiting room, what in God’s name am I doing here?’ And then I’ve thought, ‘Good gracious me, my tooth hurts. Yes, that’s why I’m here’.

Most of us, research shows, know why we’re doing stuff like standing on picket lines, walking round the supermarket aisles or applying the brake as the rear of the vehicle in front heads towards us. But who knows, perhaps there are occasions when even people like the Manchester City goalkeeper Joe Hart suddenly think, ‘Blimey, there are two white posts one on…

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