Has George gone AWOL?


So here we are, day 2 post Brexit and no sign of the elusive Mr O. Where is he?

Sitting in a dark corner somewhere sucking his thumb; rocking and humming?

Recovering from a drug fuelled binge?

All  joking aside, he should be addressing the public because the vote to leave the EU is a momentous issue, emotionally, financially and constitutionally.Cameron has resigned and,  more importantly, during the referendum campaign, having nailed his colours to the mast of remain, he had this to say …

George Osborne says he will have to slash public spending and increase taxes in an emergency Budget to tackle a £30bn “black hole” if the UK votes to leave the European Union.

The chancellor said this could include raising income and inheritance taxes and cutting the NHS budget.

Could it be, that he, like many thought that the vote to remain would be a foregone conclusion and what some believed was a “punishment” post Brexit budget to bully those who were thinking of vote leave into voting to remain in the EU?

Is he now missing in action because like most bullies, if people stand up to them, they run away and effectively, that is what over 50% of the population who voted in the referendum have done. They have stood up to him and his colleagues who tried to scare people into voting remain.


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VOTES 17,410,742

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VOTES  16,141,241

The BBC and mainstream media are happy to blame Corbyn and his “lacklustre” campaign as the reason for the success of the vote leave campaign, but had Osborne provided the public with proper facts of the effect of leaving the EU, instead of scaremongering, things may well have been different.

I am sure Osborne is happy that Corbyn is being pilloried by members of his own party about a possible leadership challenge because it deflects the heat off him.

Don’t get me wrong, I am no lover of the tories and I certainly have concerns about how the UK will cope outside of the EU. I am worried about the effect of this on Ireland too and the possible implications for the peace process, the effect on Scotland who voted overwhelmingly to remain, the effect on Wales and other poorer UK areas who receive significant EU funding, which is why I voted to remain.

Osborne is still the Chancellor of the Exchequer and he has a responsibility to address UK citizens about the financial implications of the decision to leave the EU going forward.

He is conspicuous by his absence and not only should members of his own party but also the members of Labour, Greens, Plaid Cymru, SNP, DUP, SDLP etc demand that he address the public on these issues.

The BBC and main stream media should also be doing the same thing.







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9 Responses to Has George gone AWOL?

  1. loobitzh says:

    Seems to me that the Media have just jumped on the Divide and Conquer bandwaggon again….
    Feeding and fueling the misinformed public with Hate and Fear Propaganda against those that stood up to them. maybe to set the scene for when George slides out from under his rock with the new financial forecast and how we are all going to suffer more.

    With the Stage set by the media, will not make it any easier for people, pain is pain, but with the medias help, they will have attempted to resurrect the Divide and Conquer Psychological Warfare Machine, so that all the anger and bad feeling is directed to the Working Classes and the Poor. (responsible for voting out).

    Dont fall for it folks. Its just about as Dirty and Dangerous as it gets….

    Trying to paint the Left Wing Labour party as Fascists is ‘Projective Identification’ at its best and Psychopathic at is worst!!!

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  2. jaynel62 says:

    Totally agree Glynis He (Osborne) should have also Resigned immediately – Still not too late though xx

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    • I “think” he’s going to resign on Monday (read it somewhere – but have read SO much since Thursday, I can’t remember where I saw it!) his position is untenable now; I think it is deplorable that he has not made any public announcement about the financial situation post Brexit.

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  3. Sandra Dunn says:

    Funnily enough, I am reminded of the last 2 scenes in Blackadder goes forth!

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  4. lara crofty says:

    There is probably a big bonfire at number 11, with Osborne burning all the incriminating evidence.

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