Barrister: new Scots/Welsh Labour NEC members installed illegally


barristertxt.pngThe background

The SKWAWKBOX has covered at length the complete disregard for party rules and procedures that were used by the Labour party’s right-wing faction, including voted-0ut NEC (National Executive Committee) members about to lose their power, to crowbar two additional members onto the NEC in order to maintain a right-wing majority on Labour’s ruling committee that had been democratically removed.

The measure was forced through at Labour’s 2016 Conference by pre-packing the rule-change in a single bundle along with good rule-changes – and demands for proper voting procedures to be followed were steamrolled by the Chair in order to make sure the committee-rigging was successful.

The rule-change allowed the leaders of the Scottish and Welsh Labour parties – both opponents of Corbyn – to appoint a member each to the NEC with no democratic process. Scottish leader Kezia Dugdale appointed herself, even while at the same time demanding…

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