The truth is like a lion …

I love this beautiful saying which has been attributed to Saint Augustine …

“The truth is like a lion.

You do not have to defend it.

Set it free …

And it will defend itself”

I take this to mean that fact will prevail in the face of falsehood.

There are many falsehoods out there at the moment in relation to the Labour Party; allegations of sexism and anti Semitism to name but two.

This bothers me.

Sexism and anti Semitism are things I’m not aware of within the party.

Don’t get me wrong … I’m not for one minute saying that are not incidences of sexism or anti Semitism just not to the extent that certain individuals or organisations say there are.

Let’s look at anti Semitism.

I’m sure if I asked any of you what anti Semitism was you’d reply with … hatred towards jews.

I’d agree with you on that.

Imagine if you were an organisation set up to combat anti Semitism like for example a charity.

You’d have to show your donors (or the Government if you received funding from them) that anti Semitism was rife and on the rise, otherwise you would not be able to justify your existence would you.

Generally speaking these organisations are supportive of the Israeli government.

Jeremy Corbyn however is a supporter of Palestinian rights but that does not make him anti Semitic.

Some people within charitable organisations set up mainly to deal with anti Semitism, appear to be of the opinion that Corbyns support of Palestine DOES make him anti Semitic.

Those of you who have read thus far will notice that I am choosing my words carefully and I am not naming the organisations.

This is because my spidey senses were aroused by some of the things I have read and seen in the main stream media and some right wing publications as well as on twitter and Facebook.

So much so in fact, that I decided to carry out my own investigation into these organisations.

I have barely scratched the surface and have found information that causes me deep concern.

I am currently corresponding with the Charity Commission, the Metropolitan Police, the Information Commissioners office, the Home Office and HM Revenue and Customs.

I can’t post anything on here at the moment because I don’t have the full facts and it would be wrong of me to post anything on here without that.

Once all the information is to hand, I will provide an update.








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2 Responses to The truth is like a lion …

  1. jaynel62 says:

    Great to read this Glynis, awaiting updates with anticipation xx

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