I am a 53 year old civil servant. I’ve worked in the NHS and also worked for a major retailer.

I will be using this blog to comment on things that affect most of us at some time or another such as taxes, politics, ATOS, DWP, the police and anything else that takes my fancy! :-)

I am currently writing a book on police misconduct based on my experience, which I intend posting extracts from on the blog

Kind regards

thelovelywibblywobblyoldlady X 


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  1. delboydave says:

    As a retired Police Inspector I would be interested in your book on police misconduct. For the last 2 years of my service I worked in the Professional Standards dept, formerly called coolants and discipline, so saw a lot from the inside.

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    • Thanks for your interest. I’m just working on the next few chapters; the incidents happened a couple of years back, but it’s only now that I feel ready to put pen to paper. I’d certainly be interested on your view from the other side as it were. I did have dealings with professional standards, obviously I can’t say the name of the police authority or of those involved … you might know them!

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      • delboydave says:

        Well I retired from Essex Police 10 years ago now, but I would guess that the types of misconduct haven’t changed much! My ‘retirement’ was not pleasant and I too couldn’t speak of it for several years, so I hope you understand when I say I may know how you feel! If I can be of service/assistance, let me know.

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  2. delboydave says:

    That should say complaints and discipline.


  3. Thank you delboydave, I may well take you up on your offer. Sorry to hear of your experience; seems as if they treat their employees just as bad as members of the public 😦


  4. Philip says:

    Should there be a yes vote in Scotland. What will happen to the current DWP and any sanctions issued in Scotland will the new country/government lift them.

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  5. Philip says:

    I have left a post on http://www.intensiveactivity.wordpress.com The Ipswich Unemployed Action Site. This is in regard to somebody who works NOT for a provider but a PRIVATE employment agency who brags on FB about who’s been reported to DWP and sanctioned etc. Bare in mind THIS IS A HIGH STREET BRAND we are talking about here

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  6. Thank you, wibblywobbly, for following First Night Design!


  7. Jeremy Stocks says:

    My brilliant mother worked in a mental hospital in Wales 28 years and complained constantly about the waste in the NHS. The patients used to get so much more than ordinary people.

    As to police stuff, bring back Inspector Gadget! His blog was addictive!

    Gruess from Germany

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  8. Thanks for visit and share will add you to my publishing panel and look forward to sharing your posts in the future … Ian 😀

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