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Grant Shapps accused of editing Wikipedia pages (for his own ends of course – allegedly)

Reposted from The Guardian on line Grant Shapps did not respond after he was sent a detailed exposition of the changes made by Contribsx. Photograph: Ray Tang/Rex  Online encyclopedia administrators block user account believed to be run by Tory party … Continue reading

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Osborne has NOT halved the EU’s £1.7bn bill

Reposted from Vox Political Another Tory lie busted – and in a matter of hours. George Osborne turned up on TV today, buoyed up by a cloud of his own smugness, announcing that thanks to his amazing Chancellorial skills, the … Continue reading

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Not worth the paper it’s written on.

So, CaMORON and GIDIOT Osborne are sending out statements to taxpayers from today, detailing how their taxes are being spent. So, they are using YOUR money to tell you how YOUR money has been spent. They are using these … Continue reading

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