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Upper Tribunal says ALL bedroom tax decisions unlawfully determined

Reposted from SPeye Joe (Welfare Writes blog) Excellent news from the Upper Tribunal regarding “Bedroom Tax” Yet another flawed government policy and not only that it’s unlawful as well! Read more about it here:- https://speye.wordpress.com/2015/09/27/upper-tribunal-says-all-bedroom-tax-decisions-unlawfully-determined/

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54 and out of work: how the DWP hounds you to amuse itself

Reposted from Kate Belgrave Thought I’d spend a few pre-budget days rolling out more transcripts from interviews with people on the rubbish end of Tory austerity. This one is yet another story about jobcentres and useless back-to-work activities (the transcript … Continue reading

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Workfare bidders – Yet another monumental waste of taxpayers money

In June 2014, Frank Zola via the Information Commissioners Office, appealed to the General Regulatory Chamber Tribunal to force DWP to release details of the Workfare exploiters  successful bidders. DWP had originally turned down the request, on the grounds that … Continue reading

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Slump in tribunal cases prompts review calls

Reposted from the Law Gazette I do not think the issue fee of £250 is the main problem as there is a fee remission process and some firms could even loan this to the client. The problem is the hearing … Continue reading

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Top tribunals judge questions universal credit ‘disappearance’

Well this is rather interesting… a top tribunal judge states that the DWP says there will be NO universal credit appeals between now and 2019; now why would that be? Answers on a postcard please. A senior tribunals judge has … Continue reading

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IDS Fu*ks up the stats….AGAIN!

Reposted from Nick @mylegalforum Work and Pensions Select Committee member Sheila Gilmore MP today welcomed a letter from the UK Statistics Authority that described figures published by Iain Duncan Smith’s Department as ‘potentially misleading’ and questioned their status as ‘National … Continue reading

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People stripped of benefits could be charged for challenging decision

Reposted from The Guardian You couldn’t make it up could you ….. David Cameron has been blamed for creating a ‘national crisis’ because of ‘punitive sanctions’ and other DWP failures. Photograph: Joe Giddens/PA People who have been stripped of benefits could be … Continue reading

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Sick and disabled benefits applicants forced to go weeks without money as a result of new rules for appeals

Reposted from the Independent People with serious disabilities and health conditions are being left for weeks with no financial support by Government changes to benefit assessments. Under new rules introduced by the Department for Work and Pensions in October, anyone … Continue reading

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