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Michael O’Sullivan inquest: Atos ‘has no idea’ if surgeon is still assessing claimants

Reposted from Disability News Service Government contractor Atos Healthcare claims it has no idea if a former surgeon whose flawed assessment of a disabled man helped trigger his suicide is still testing people with mental health conditions for their eligibility … Continue reading

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FOI – Do or Die!

Freedom of Information Act 2000 I’m getting this Freedom of Information (FOI) request in before the Nazi   Nasty party start charging £600 to make a request; http://voxpoliticalonline.com/2015/09/17/tory-bid-to-put-freedom-of-information-out-of-your-price-range/  Here’s the article, originally published by the excellent John Pring on Disability … Continue reading

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Atos nurse ‘lied’ about PIP claimant attending assessment alone

Reposted from Disability News Service A nurse working for the controversial outsourcing company Atos Healthcare repeatedly lied about a disabled man he was assessing for the government’s new disability benefit, it has been claimed. The Atos assessor stated in his … Continue reading

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54 and out of work: how the DWP hounds you to amuse itself

Reposted from Kate Belgrave Thought I’d spend a few pre-budget days rolling out more transcripts from interviews with people on the rubbish end of Tory austerity. This one is yet another story about jobcentres and useless back-to-work activities (the transcript … Continue reading

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MaximARSE complaints procedure

Most people (apart from the tories of course) know that the Work Capability Assessment (WCA) as carried out by Atos was simply not fit for purpose. Now, the shiny and new MaximARSE us has taken over the WCA.  It’s a case of … Continue reading

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Atos Disabled dad ordered to prove he’s unfit for work – two months after he DIED

Reposted from The Mirror Yet another “mistake” by DWP/Atos – they seem to make an awful lot of “mistakes” don’t they?  Stuart Mullins, 53,A father from Newport in South Wales who was sent a letter asking him to go for … Continue reading

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DWP gets deathly defensive

Excellent post from Nick at ILegal (note the possible Cabinet shuffle for IDS at bottom of the article) Post by nickd (Mylegal) on 2 hours ago DWP gets deathly defensive IDS you MUST apologise In usual DWP defence mode, their politically biased press office … Continue reading

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Assessing the assessors

Reposted from the Centre for Welfare Reform The assessment of disabled people for the Employment Support Allowance has been a national scandal. Much of the focus has been on the private healthcare firm, Atos, who have administered the DWP’s assessment. … Continue reading

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Man who had sickness benefits axed wins appeal – months after he died

Reposted from the Mirror Terrible story: Graham with wife Yvonne A widow was horrified when a letter arrived for her late husband saying he had won his appeal against his sickness benefits being axed. Graham Shawcross, 63, had potentially fatal Addison’s disease, … Continue reading

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Former DWP adviser tells MPs: ‘Fitness for work’ test needs radical surgery

Reposted from Disability News Service The former government adviser who carried out three independent reviews of the controversial work capability assessment (WCA) has told MPs that the test is “not working” and must be made more “humane”. Professor Malcolm Harrington … Continue reading

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