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Reposted from Ripped off Britons In a bakery not far away there was a baker, who treated his customers extremely unequally. To some he gave plain buns, others spiced buns with candied fruit, and to others iced buns. He said … Continue reading

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The PM who cried wolf.

David Cameron can thump the table, stamp his feet and shout all he likes …. he’s been caught out in a lie and now the pigeons have come home to roost! When you have an (unelected) prime minister and a … Continue reading

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Fall in unemployment = number of people on sanctions

Reposted from Vox Political Excellent post from Mike Sivier at Vox Political about the drop in the unemployment figures that the BBC have been reguritating all day!  Read more here http://wp.me/p4Sru1-1YZ Now … do you remember, about a year ago, … Continue reading

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Nature of the Beast

Reposted from Vox Political View original article here http://wp.me/p4Sru1-1Vy David Cameron must be so proud. He wanted a return to the Victorian era and that is exactly what he has achieved. Wages have nosedived, meaning the gap between the richest and … Continue reading

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Carney set to change target for rate rises

Reposted from The Sunday Times So, Carney is changing the unemployment benchmark from 7% to 6.5% or lower… why is that I wonder; could it be because the bank did not expect there to be a drop to 7% until … Continue reading

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More smoke and mirrors at the DWP

Those who know me quite well, know that I am a bit of a nosey old trout (I prefer to say that I have an enquiring mind!) I have put that enquiring mind/nosiness (delete as applicable) to good use …. … Continue reading

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