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Merry Christmas, yer filthy animal …

Merry Christmas you filthy animal – YouTube https://youtu.be/BzMCjFQIefg Look at the state of him! So, here we are, 8 weeks to Christmas and the tories, headed up by the drug addled Gidiot Osborne, are going to cut tax credits. The … Continue reading

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What the Conservative win means for your money

Article reposted from AOL Money UK Good Morning my darlings. I’m feeling a little less emotional about the election result (still angry though) and so I decided to look into what’s to come … © PA Wire ​ Few people … Continue reading

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The reality of zero hours contracts

Reposted from TUC website #DecentJobsWeek: I love being a home care worker, but I hate the insecurity 17 Dec 2014, by Helen in Working Life Oh joy! Today I received a letter from HMRC stating I have been overpaid tax … Continue reading

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