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The hidden welfare budget we don’t debate

Reposted from The Guardian on line On the eve of the “emergency” budget, it’s interesting to note that  vast sums are handed out in corporate welfare and official silence is skewing the debate, so the public don’t know where billions … Continue reading

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If Jesse were alive today, would he give Boots the boot?

Boots has its roots in the mid-19th century when John Boot, an agricultural worker, moved to Nottingham to start a new business.   He opened a small herbalist store on Goose Gate in 1849, from which he prepared and sold herbal … Continue reading

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Wake up and smell the coffee!

Reposted from BBC Business News Caffe Nero has previously said interest payments on its debt mean it does not have to pay corporation tax Continue reading the main story Related Stories The rise of ‘tax shaming’ Starbucks to move European … Continue reading

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