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This is YOUR money people!

It’s surprising what you can find on the Gov.uk website isn’t it? This is the latest offering of the unholy trinity of George Osborne, David Cameron and that all round good egg Ian Duncan Smith. Some of you who know … Continue reading

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The government wants death, depression and crime for people who are out of work

Reposted from Kate Belgrave A few thoughts as we kick into the year. Interviews from people who’ve been sanctioned at the end of the post: As you’ll no doubt have read, the work and pensions select committee meets this coming … Continue reading

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Two Tales from the Tribunal

Reposted from Lacuna – a righting wrongs project The Tier one tribunal for social security is located in the Magistrates court – an imposing concrete building surrounded by other grey office blocks in the heart of the city centre. This … Continue reading

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