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Judicial Review Into DWP’s Disabled Benefits ‘Fiasco’

Reposted from Irwin Mitchell Solicitors website Legal Experts Say Vulnerable People ‘Left In Lurch’ By Delays In Vital Payments 25/02/2015 Expert lawyers have been given the green light to launch a judicial review into the Department for Work and Pensions’ … Continue reading

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Boy battling cancer has benefits stopped

Reposted from Mike Sivier @Vox Political What use is the government’s claim that cancer treatment is improving, if it only subjects sufferers to the increased stress of having their benefits withdrawn? Read more here http://wp.me/p4Sru1-2K8

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Atos Disabled dad ordered to prove he’s unfit for work – two months after he DIED

Reposted from The Mirror Yet another “mistake” by DWP/Atos – they seem to make an awful lot of “mistakes” don’t they?  Stuart Mullins, 53,A father from Newport in South Wales who was sent a letter asking him to go for … Continue reading

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A national scandal: 4 million people face chaos in this country and are ignored by the media

Reposted from Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC) This is an unreported national scandal…. It is only the mainstream media’s failure to bring this state of chaos to the public’s attention which prevents it from being plastered all over the front page of … Continue reading

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Personal Independence Payments are a Punishment of the Poor and Ill

Reblogged from Black Triangle She calls it: “Heartbreaking, truly astonishing, I’ve never seen anything like this.” Emma Cross is a senior Macmillan Cancer Support benefits adviser, and she says delays in Iain Duncan Smith’s new personal independence payments (PIP) leave the sick … Continue reading

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How can PIP be sanctionable?

reblogged from Disabled People against Cuts Personal Independence Payment (PIP) is the new benefit which replaces Disability Living Allowance (DLA).  DLA was introduced in the UK in 1992, and its main purpose was to compensate for the extra costs associated … Continue reading

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Civil servants told to judge whether disabled deserve benefits by GOOGLING their illnesses

. Press Association Civil servants have been told they can judge whether to pay benefits to ­the sick by ­Googling their illnesses, after proper tests were scrapped. In a memo leaked yesterday, Department for Work and Pensions staff were instructed to look … Continue reading

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Ideology meets idiocy in these brutal disability cuts

Work and pensions secretary Iain Duncan Smith. ‘George Osborne is right to worry that Duncan Smith lacks the brainpower – and the basic numeracy – for this job’. Photograph: Ian Nicholson/Press Association Another mishap yesterday rammed into the back of … Continue reading

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