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ELECTION 2015 – they think it’s all over

To say I am gutted at the outcome of the 2015 General Election would be an understatement. I am lucky. I work. I don’t claim benefits, due to a small inheritance from a late relative, I don’t have to worry … Continue reading

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HA HA HA!!!!

Reposted from the Liverpool Echo Lord Ashcroft poll puts Labour ahead in Wirral West Poll seven weeks ahead of election shows Labour leading in Wirral marginal constituency Esther McVey, who currently holds the Wirral west seat for the Conservatives The … Continue reading

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IDS – doing what Cameron wants him to do.

Yes, Iain Duncan Smith keeps his job.  The BBC seems not to have noticed this.  So why is he still there?  Political Scrapbook has two theories: one is that they didn’t want to justify the supposed leak of his demotion by … Continue reading

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Duncan Smith denies ‘deception’ over universal credit

Reposted from BBC news The BBC making negative comments about the lies that IDS has been telling about Universal Credit…Gosh, wonders will never cease! Related Stories Labour ‘to pause universal credit’ Universal Credit policy expanded Universal Credit inquiry ‘hampered’ A … Continue reading

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Ministers ‘scared’ to face committee

Reposted from the Evening Times Esther McVey, Conservative Department of Work and Pensions minister, had refused an invitation to appear before the Welfare Reform Committee but agreed to a private meeting with members. Now Ms McVey has cancelled her planned … Continue reading

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Esther McVey flounders as bedroom tax failure becomes clear Conservative minister says policy was “never all about saving money” but just six per cent of tenants have downsized.

Reposted from the New Statesman After the publication of today’s BBC study showing that the bedroom tax has resulted in just 6 per cent of affected tenants moving house, while pushing 28 per cent into rent arrears, it was left to Esther McVey to defend … Continue reading

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Food banks: cowardly coalition can’t face the truth about them

Reposted from the Guardian I went to the Trussell Trust food bank round the corner from theObserver’s offices just before Christmas. If I hadn’t been reading the papers, I would have assumed it represented everything Conservativesadmire. As at every other food bank, volunteers who … Continue reading

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