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Workfare bidders – Yet another monumental waste of taxpayers money

In June 2014, Frank Zola via the Information Commissioners Office, appealed to the General Regulatory Chamber Tribunal to force DWP to release details of the Workfare exploiters  successful bidders. DWP had originally turned down the request, on the grounds that … Continue reading

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Digital by default?

As some of you may know, I have real concerns about the way in which DWP try and shoehorn EVERYONE into using computers in respect of claimant jobsearches, form completion etc. I know that some of you feel the same … Continue reading

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Two Tales from the Tribunal

Reposted from Lacuna – a righting wrongs project The Tier one tribunal for social security is located in the Magistrates court – an imposing concrete building surrounded by other grey office blocks in the heart of the city centre. This … Continue reading

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