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Welfare cuts: A tale of two food bank vouchers

Reposted from the Guardian Society   Jobcentre food bank referral slip specimens Photograph: the Guardian Look at the two food bank vouchers above. The one on the left was introduced after 2011 when the trust and Department for Work and … Continue reading

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Quotas for food bank vouchers at job centres?

Originally posted on Ann McGauran:
Is an unofficial quota system for food bank vouchers operating at job centres? One man who called into a food bank in this London borough recently said he was told by his job centre that…

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Iain Duncan Smith: Slavery and Narcissism

Reblogged from Another Angry Voice Iain Duncan Smith has once again demonstrated how out of touch with reality he is. In an absurdly self-congratulatory speech he compared his “welfare reforms” (which are hopelessly inefficient, economically illiterate, dishonest, unlawful,discriminatory, fraud riddled, punitive, target driven, wasteful, incompetently administered and compassionless) with the abolitionist … Continue reading

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Food banks: cowardly coalition can’t face the truth about them

Reposted from the Guardian I went to the Trussell Trust food bank round the corner from theObserver’s offices just before Christmas. If I hadn’t been reading the papers, I would have assumed it represented everything Conservativesadmire. As at every other food bank, volunteers who … Continue reading

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Hungry in Cameron’s Cotswolds: Beyond the 4x4s and classy shops of the PM’s own constituency, a food bank is alarmingly busy

Reblogged from the Huffington Post Witney isn’t the sort of place you associate with poverty, homelessness and hunger. That’s because it’s an affluent market town in the heart of the Cotswolds. The high street smacks of well-heeled middle England, with … Continue reading

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Lorraine from Glasgow had cancer but was forced to starve and rely on the foodbank by DWP-Atos who over-ruled her doctors and declared her ‘fit-for-work’

Reposted from Black Triangle Behind cold metal gates stands Blawarthill Parish Church in Glasgow. It’s a modern building, painted white but grimy with rain.   Two sticks of wood are nailed to the wall forming a spindly cross which looks … Continue reading

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Biggest ever increase in UK foodbank use – press release from Trussell Trust

170% rise in numbers turning to foodbanks in last 12 months Trussell Trust foodbanks have seen the biggest rise in numbers given emergency food since the charity began in 2000. Almost 350,000 people have received at least three days emergency … Continue reading

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