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Jobless must sign on every day: Government to dock money from long-term unemployed if they do not comply

Reposted from The Independent It’s good to see the stance that the Voluntary Sector are taking with regard to Mandatory Workfare…about time! Harsh rules to drive the long-term unemployed into work come into force today, which state they will only … Continue reading

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Tax Evasion/Avoidance has climbed £4bn under George Osborne while he continues to sack Tax Collectors

Reposted from Evidence UK This report bears out what I have said time and time again; George Osbornes hatchet job on HMRC compliance staff is a gift to companies (usually large multi million pound turnover companies, who can afford roomfuls … Continue reading

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The man with a face like a pig is at it AGAIN!

Reposted from the Guardian George Osborne warns of more cuts to the welfare budget. Photograph: Reuters George Osborne has warned of another £25bn of cuts after the next election, targeting council housing for the better-off and housing benefit for under-25s. In … Continue reading

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