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Merry Christmas, yer filthy animal …

Merry Christmas you filthy animal – YouTube https://youtu.be/BzMCjFQIefg Look at the state of him! So, here we are, 8 weeks to Christmas and the tories, headed up by the drug addled Gidiot Osborne, are going to cut tax credits. The … Continue reading

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George Osborne is no “friend” of small businesses

Reposted from Accounting Web With this latest money grabbing legislation, it would seem that Gidiot Osborne is no friend of small business. Maybe he’s only friends with the multi billion tax avoiding companies, because after all, it’s the CEO’s of … Continue reading

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Tax doesn’t have to be taxing.

Reposted from Mirror on line It takes 3 to 4 years to train an Inspector of Taxes and a further 18 months to 2 years to consolidate that training. In the meantime, medium to large businesses can afford to hire … Continue reading

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So, where’s the money coming from George? (part 2)

The meek  Rich tory supporters shall INHERIT the Earth First the science bit, courtesy of HMRC … Inheritance Tax is paid if a person’s estate (their property, money and possessions) is worth more than £325,000 when they die. This is … Continue reading

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Labour’s non-dom plan divides accountants

Reposted from Accounting Web Ed Miliband’s plan to scrap non-dom tax status if he becomes 10 Downing Street’s newest tenant, has raised a few eyebrows on AccountingWEB. Milband said this week that a Labour government would abolish the non-domicile rule … Continue reading

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Movement to Work Scheme

Reposted from Public & Commercial Services Union website Members urged to sign petition calling for HMRC to cease involvement in Workfare scheme – Volunteers sought for PCS working group – Branches to monitor and report numbers participating in Movement to … Continue reading

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Hands up all those who STILL think privatisation is a good idea

Reposted from the Independent People in need at risk of losing tax credits after being wrongly accused of cheating … What a shame this government are not as vociferous in their pursuit of billionaire tax dodging individuals and companies. More … Continue reading

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Twits tweeting @ HMRC

Thanks to Nichola Ross Martin  HMRCcustomers @HMRCcustomers Pilot service to help with general queries about HMRC products and services. Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm. No personal info please. HMRC is encouraging taxpayers to tweet their tax inquiries because its … Continue reading

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Government reveals new debt recovery firm

Reposted from Accountingweb The government has launched a new public/private debt collection agency for government departments including HMRC. Now couple of things here lovely readers… 1) As Mike Fleming commented on the accountingweb site:-  Equifax ltd is owned by Equifax EUA … Continue reading

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The reality of zero hours contracts

Reposted from TUC website #DecentJobsWeek: I love being a home care worker, but I hate the insecurity 17 Dec 2014, by Helen in Working Life Oh joy! Today I received a letter from HMRC stating I have been overpaid tax … Continue reading

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