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“Lessons have been learned”

Do you recognise that quote? It’s the quote that is often trollied out when someone dies at the hands of the state; usually preceded by the words a Police/NHS/DWP (delete as applicable) spokesperson says … As some of you may … Continue reading

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Government proposes inquiry into moving to a ‘pay NHS’

Reposted from Our NHS; article by Richard Grimes  Last week the government quietly announced a review into the biggest political hot potato of all – and almost no-one noticed. Imagine for a moment that you are the newly re-elected Conservative … Continue reading

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NHS executives bag hefty 6.1% pay rise as nurses’ pay packets are hit

Reposted from Daily Mirror More unfair treatment of Public Sector workers from this government that wasn’t elected; now what was it David Cameron said about equality.. General secretary Dr Peter Carter NHS chiefs pocketed pay rises nearly four times higher … Continue reading

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The destruction of the NHS

Reblogged from Another Angry Voice I realise that because of my tendency to present lots of facts and conduct rigorous analysis on them, my articles are usually extremely long. Today I am going to try very hard to write a … Continue reading

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