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Welsh = likes rugby and can sing!

Ah stereotypes – doncha just love ’em. I am Welsh. I like rugby. But I can’t sing. I remember many years ago staying in Newcastle with friends and deciding to sample the nightlife. We ended up on the Tuxedo Princess, … Continue reading

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…and now he’s coming for the self – employed

Reposted from the Void As part of his cunning plan, Gidiot Osborne – the Chancer (No – not a spelling mistake) of the Exchequer, now has his sights set on the self – employed. Plans to raise the minimum wage … Continue reading

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Zeroing in on zero hours contracts

“Please don’t write about this on your blog mum”, my son had begged me. So to protect him and the company he slaves   works for, both will remain nameless. Here is the definition of zero hours contracts from ACAS: … Continue reading

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NEET = Not in Employment, Education or Training. This is my lovely (most of the time) son Huw. He’s 19 years old. He is a NEET. It bothers everyone, except him. He’s just published his first book. http://www.amazon.com/Tomorrow-Gone-Huw-Millward-ebook/sim/B00TJ5DUIQ/2 He has … Continue reading

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If Jesse were alive today, would he give Boots the boot?

Boots has its roots in the mid-19th century when John Boot, an agricultural worker, moved to Nottingham to start a new business.   He opened a small herbalist store on Goose Gate in 1849, from which he prepared and sold herbal … Continue reading

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Care worker QUITS because she only had 15 minutes to spend with frail pensioners

Reposted from Mirror on line … and this is it isn’t it; the reality of tory cuts from social care putting further strain on the NHS which is already suffering from… yes you’ve guessed it, tory cuts. Anyway the tories … Continue reading

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The media giant, the cleaners and the £40,000 lost wages

Reposted from the Observer Francisco Javer Horedia, 37, has cleaned for 15 hours a week at Saatchi & Saatchi for two and a half years. For weeks, the 35 low-paid and mostly Spanish-speaking cleaners who tend the grand offices of … Continue reading

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How to fix Britain’s broken workplaces

Reposted from the New Statesman It’s time to introduce workplace citizenship to Britain’s employers. Photo: Getty There’s something seriously wrong with the world of work, and not just in the places you would expect. We know that the UK is … Continue reading

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Care workers take Hampshire home employers to tribunal over pay and working hours

Reposted from the Guardian Workers at Care UK have extended their strike by a further three weeks, meaning they will have sacrificed 70 days’ pay. Photograph: Richard Saker for the Observer Eleven female carers to the elderly are taking their … Continue reading

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Mutuality of obligation… the irreducible minimum.

For some time now, I have been concerned that the workfare programme is illegal, particularly around the contract issue. So with a bit of time on my hands today, I decided to look at this in some more detail. I should … Continue reading

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