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Oh and guess what … now he’s coming for the pensioners!

Reposted from BBC News When I first read this I honestly thought it was a joke. Who in their right mind makes quotes like this? … I mean, seriously!!! Many of those hit by a cut to the winter fuel … Continue reading

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Care worker QUITS because she only had 15 minutes to spend with frail pensioners

Reposted from Mirror on line … and this is it isn’t it; the reality of tory cuts from social care putting further strain on the NHS which is already suffering from… yes you’ve guessed it, tory cuts. Anyway the tories … Continue reading

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Pensioners are warned: Learn the Internet or lose your benefits

Reposted from Vox Political – by Mike Sivier Just when you think that these chinless wonders can’t do anything worse they go and trump themselves…  If spared, when I become a pensioner I will vote in every election I can; … Continue reading

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In a broadside that will resonate with so many, why today’s elderly are being treated as Old Age Pariahs

Reposted from Mail on line First they came for the unemployed, then they came for the disabled and now it seem they (the tories) are after the pensioners. When I was a child in the Sixties, very old people were … Continue reading

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One in 10 older people now work, reports Saga

reposted from Guardian Society Number of working pensioners rises by a third since 2010 to 1m with many postponing retirement to combat falling living standards Saga reports nearly that more than 1m, or 10%, of people aged 65 or older … Continue reading

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Are the tories trying to secure the “grey vote”?

Awwww, doesn’t it just warm the cockles of your heart; that nice Mr Hunt (or Mr see you next Tuesday, as I like to call him) making sure every over 75 year old has personalised care from a named Dr. … Continue reading

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Pensioners…throw another Tory on the fire to keep yourselves warm this Winter!

‘To me there is no more lonely end, for a well spent life than to ebb away from existence in one’s parlour while huddled near a dim electric fire that sputters out inconsequential heat.’ Photograph: Alamy As the light in … Continue reading

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