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Department for Work and Pensions Iain Duncan Smith tells furious MPs to stop ‘lecturing’ him for refusing to reveal benefits deaths

Reposted from the Mirror on line The arrogance of this man and his sidekick beggars belief! A pox on them and their kind! Who the Fu8K do they think they are! The good thing is, what with the Freedom of … Continue reading

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Iain Duncan Smith brands petition for death statistics “disgraceful”

Reposted from the Mirror on-line What’s disgraceful Mr Smith is your refusal to publish these statistics and the only thing “frightening people” are YOUR harsh policies! He’s fighting a legal battle to keep the figures secret – yet the Work and … Continue reading

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Sunlight is the best disinfectant.

Reposted from the Mirror on line. ***warning  – Ranty Post *** As some of you will know, I have been helping Mike Sivier, who runs the Vox Political blog, with his legal challenge to get the DWP to issue the … Continue reading

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Bedroom Tax Petition

G, Just wanted to make sure you saw this — you’ve only got a few hours to add your name to our official record of opposition to the Bedroom Tax before tomorrow’s vote. More than 100,000 others already have. Look … Continue reading

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