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There’s a storm brewing …

Reposted from the Guardian on line Steve White told the Guardian that more cuts would be devastating: “You get a style of policing where the first options are teargas, rubber bullets and water cannon, which are the last options in … Continue reading

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Police break down door of Mansfield man’s flat after DWP told them he could be suicidal

Reposted from Mansfield CHAD Kevan Ramsdale of Bowling Street, Mansfield. Police smashed his door down last after DWP told them he might be suicidal. Police officers smashed down the front door of a Mansfield man’s flat after the DWP tipped … Continue reading

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Lessons from history.

I read the following article by Michael Streich and couldn’t help but notice the similarities between Nazi Germany and the current tory government. Today, Theresa May announced her desire to bring in draconian measures in the shape of the new … Continue reading

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Today’s Britain: where the poor are forced to steal or beg from food banks

Reposted from The Guardian – Comment is free Illustration by Matt Kenyon What would you do to keep your baby from starving? Perhaps the same as Lucy Hill. At the start of October, the 35-year-old mother from Kidderminster was broke. … Continue reading

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*plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose

Today is my birthday. I have been alive for over half a century…if this was the 1400s, I’d be a village elder or something, (on account of having lived so long) So, I thought today would be a good day … Continue reading

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Police warn that ‘relentless’ bedroom tax is turning people into criminals

Reposted from Dash 24 Now even the police, normally silent supporters of the government, are saying what we’ve all been saying for some time. Police warn that relentless bedroom tax is pushing people into the arms of loans sharks The … Continue reading

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Inquest reveals truth: police failures led to Cherry Groce’s death

Reposted from 38 degrees.org 24 Jul 2014 — Earlier this month at the inquest into the death of my beloved mother, Cherry Groce, the jury found that a series of police failings led to her death. After 29 years, we finally … Continue reading

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The deep state: data surveillance is about power, not safety

Reposted from the New Statesman All-seeing: new legislation could entrench and extend the ablility of the state to monitor us. Image: Herbert Bayer/Private Collection/Christie’s Images/Bridgeman Images In October last year, at the start of this parliamentary session, Russell Brand guest-edited … Continue reading

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Water cannon could be used against protesters within months

Reposted from Politics.co.uk Water cannon being used against anti-government protesters in Turkey. Water cannons have arrived in mainland Britain and could be used against protesters within months, Boris Johnson confirmed today. The controversial weapons arrived on British soil in the … Continue reading

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Westminster Abbey protest: Police launch inquiry over treatment of protesters

Reposted from Disability News Service The Metropolitan police have launched an inquiry into the policing of a five-hour protest outside Westminster Abbey, apparently following allegations that officers prevented disabled activists from receiving food, drink and medication. It is just the … Continue reading

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