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Iain Despot Smith – stop pretending you care about the sick & disabled because, you really don’t!

Reposted from Welfare Weekly Hmmmmm, so what about all the National Insurance I’ve paid in since I was 16?   Iain Duncan Smith. Photo credit: Brian Minkoff – London Pixels / Foter / CC BY-SA Iain Duncan Smith has hinted … Continue reading

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A quiet days trading.

With thanks to Labour Left Only £30000000 of NHS Contacts offered to Private Health in the last 24 hours. A quiet day’s trading. Proof (as if it were needed) that the NHS is NOT safe in the hands of the … Continue reading

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Two faced Penny

As the Fire Brigade union continue their strike, it is worth considering factors that resonate across most of the public sector. As far as I am concerned (and NO ONE can convince me otherwise) the tories want the public sector … Continue reading

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Still think privatisation of public services is a good thing?

Rebogged from Kate Belgrave   Update September 1: More careworkers to take strike action – workers at the Your Choice Barnet company on September 8 and 9: Unison careworkers who work for the outsourced Your Choice Barnet company will take … Continue reading

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David Cameron – a political prostitute.

Reposted from Order of Truth If you support David Cameron, or are of no real opinion about him and the current government, the events of the past week must make you stop and think about the suitability of both to … Continue reading

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DWP Spends £4.8m on Outside Consultants as Bill Quadruples

Reposted from International Business Times Iain Duncan Smith is in charge of the Department for Work and Pensions(Reuters) The Department for Work and Pensions almost quadrupled the amount it spent on consultants between 2014 and 2013, according to an analysis of … Continue reading

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MOJ strike against privatisation

Reposted from PCS website  Hundreds of our members are striking today against Ministry of Justice plans to privatise their work, with the threat of sensitive data being sent overseas. Don’t offshore our jobs and data, is the message from our … Continue reading

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PM evades question about HMRC privatisation as strike continues

This government continue to cut public services to the bone whilst increasing payments to private companies… remember, it is YOUR personal details that these private companies will then have access to; your address, your national insurance number, your bank details, … Continue reading

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After Unison postpones strike Gwalia workers say, ‘We won’t be walked over’

by Raymie Kiernan A 12-hour strike by residential care workers in Neath Port Talbot, South Wales, set for Tuesday this week has been called off. A 24-hour strike has been called in its place from 7pm on Tuesday of next week. … Continue reading

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The destruction of the NHS

Reblogged from Another Angry Voice I realise that because of my tendency to present lots of facts and conduct rigorous analysis on them, my articles are usually extremely long. Today I am going to try very hard to write a … Continue reading

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