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Even the government admits the bedroom tax isn’t working

Reposted from the Mirror on line Photo: WikiCommons The DWP quietly published an interim report into the removal of the spare room subsidy (colloquially known as the “bedroom tax”) and it paints a grim picture of the reality behind the … Continue reading

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Esther McVey flounders as bedroom tax failure becomes clear Conservative minister says policy was “never all about saving money” but just six per cent of tenants have downsized.

Reposted from the New Statesman After the publication of today’s BBC study showing that the bedroom tax has resulted in just 6 per cent of affected tenants moving house, while pushing 28 per cent into rent arrears, it was left to Esther McVey to defend … Continue reading

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Bedroom Tax – the story behind the headlines

Reposted from The Guardian Society   A national shortage of one-bedroom homes has meant that for many there are no smaller homes available. Photograph: Bloomberg/Getty Images The government is calling on housing associations such as mine to create significant numbers of new … Continue reading

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Hammersmith & Fulham Christmas card… The Freedom of Information response

Response from Hammersmith & Fulham council to my FoI request. Hammersmith and Fulham                                                                             Room 229 Hammersmith Town Hall   King Street    Hammersmith London                                          … Continue reading

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