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…and now he’s coming for the self – employed

Reposted from the Void As part of his cunning plan, Gidiot Osborne – the Chancer (No – not a spelling mistake) of the Exchequer, now has his sights set on the self – employed. Plans to raise the minimum wage … Continue reading

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Self employed included in employment statistics BUT are excluded from calculations of UK average weekly wage

Reposted from Ripped Off Britons (ROB) There are many ways, and many more motives, to raise an average. For example here are two ways to raise Average Wages: 1) Have more people on higher pay 2) Have fewer people on … Continue reading

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Iain Duncan Smith continues to hide reports showing failure of universal credit

Iain Duncan Smith: “A chilling effect”  Reposted from Politics.co.uk When I saw this picture of IDS accompanying this peice, I thought he was in jail ……. no such luck 😦 The Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) is continuing to … Continue reading

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