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Government reveals new debt recovery firm

Reposted from Accountingweb The government has launched a new public/private debt collection agency for government departments including HMRC. Now couple of things here lovely readers… 1) As Mike Fleming commented on the accountingweb site:-  Equifax ltd is owned by Equifax EUA … Continue reading

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The personal tax statement George Osborne doesn’t want you to see

Reposted from Tax Research UK An excellent post by Richard Murphy, which shows what George Osbornes “pie” chart should really look like instead of the electioneering twaddle that he’s sending out at a cost of £5 MILLION. The personal tax statement … Continue reading

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Busting myths about tax justice

Reposted from Public & Commercial Services website Prime minister David Cameron has talked tough on tax havens but his government can’t be taken seriously on tax justice. Here are 4 reasons why The Left Economics Advisory Panel lists these reasons: Maude … Continue reading

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Wealthy tax dodgers are Britain’s REAL wreckers and that’s the long and short of it

Reposted from The Mirror That was then: John Cleese, Ronnie Barker and Ronnie Corbett There is a famous 1966 comedy sketch from The Frost Report that you’ve no doubt seen. The one where Ronnie Corbett (4ft 11in), Ronnie Barker (5ft … Continue reading

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Tory Tax Merger Could See The End Of National Insurance

photo credit: HM Treasury via photopin   A future Conservative government may merge National Insurance with Income Tax, in a move designed to ‘simplify’ the UK’s taxation system, the Independent newspaper has reported today (30 June 2014). The move would see basic level taxpayers parting with … Continue reading

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