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BBC Bias Cop Out

So here’s a response from the BBC regarding a complaint about right wing bias in respect of the make up of the Question Time Panel:- Question Time, BBC One, 14 January 2016 Complaint We received complaints from viewers who felt … Continue reading

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I cried today …

I CRIED TODAY! because I am fearful … Fearful of the tory elite. I watch the news as the poor, they beat. Zero hours, tax credit cuts, death, destruction, NHS dismantilisation.  tory voices cry … “ONE NATION” But I have … Continue reading

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Tories want you to believe people choose to be poor and disabled

Reposted from Vox Political “It’s now been revealed that £12bn worth of welfare cuts will be included in next month’s budget, with even more rolled out in the autumn spending review. Such cuts are based on nothing more than the … Continue reading

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The election has finally opened Tory eyes to the disaster of the bedroom tax

Reposted from the Guardian on line Some of Cameron’s party faithful are asking whether the bedroom tax costs more socially than it is saves financially. Photograph: WPA Pool/Getty Images When elected to a majority government, David Cameron and his ministers … Continue reading

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What the Conservative win means for your money

Article reposted from AOL Money UK Good Morning my darlings. I’m feeling a little less emotional about the election result (still angry though) and so I decided to look into what’s to come … © PA Wire ​ Few people … Continue reading

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ELECTION 2015 – they think it’s all over

To say I am gutted at the outcome of the 2015 General Election would be an understatement. I am lucky. I work. I don’t claim benefits, due to a small inheritance from a late relative, I don’t have to worry … Continue reading

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ELECTION 2015 – Burying bad news (fancy the tories & Lib Dems doing that!)

Reposted from Vox Political Believe it or not, there may still be some people in the UK who don’t know the Department for Work and Pensions has been ordered to release details of the number of sickness benefit claimants who … Continue reading

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Budget shows Osborne far removed from reality

Reposted from Public & Commercial Services (PCS) Union website In the final budget of this parliament George Osborne has reminded the vast majority of voters how far removed he is from their lives. While talking up the prospects for economic … Continue reading

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A quiet days trading.

With thanks to Labour Left Only £30000000 of NHS Contacts offered to Private Health in the last 24 hours. A quiet day’s trading. Proof (as if it were needed) that the NHS is NOT safe in the hands of the … Continue reading

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Writing is on the bedroom wall for the Tories as they lose landmark vote

Reposted from Vox Political The Conservative Party has been humiliated in the first major Parliamentary vote since the summer recess – on a Private Member’s Bill to exempt disabled people from the Bedroom Tax. Liberal Democrat Andrew George’s Bill proposed … Continue reading

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