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Self employed included in employment statistics BUT are excluded from calculations of UK average weekly wage

Reposted from Ripped Off Britons (ROB) There are many ways, and many more motives, to raise an average. For example here are two ways to raise Average Wages: 1) Have more people on higher pay 2) Have fewer people on … Continue reading

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Involuntary volunteers?

This is what the Association of Volunteer Managers (AVM) have to say about Community Work Placements advocated by Iain Duncan Smith and the DWP. The Association of Volunteer Managers advises its members to think very seriously before getting involved with the new Community Work … Continue reading

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Austerity IS NOT working!

austerity has failed to create jobs or economic growth. As  predicted, the government has attacked jobs, pensions and pay, threatened privatisation and attacked and demonised those entitled to welfare. Yet all of this has worsened rather than improved the economy … Continue reading

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Unemployment higher than reported as bungling government omits Universal Credit claimants from official figures

Reposted from the Mirror Now, imagine if you will for a minute, that you made cock up after cock up in your place of work. What do you think might happen? written warning? P45? WHY is this incompetent minister still … Continue reading

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When is a job not a job?

Reposted from Louise Baldock- Labour MP for Stockton South Creating jobs or creative accounting? You will have seen Tory boasts that unemployment is coming down, a million more people are now in work and the private sector has created many … Continue reading

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Britons In ‘Forced Penury’ Due To Victorian Welfare Rules, Leading Academics Warn

Reposted from the Huffington Post     Iain Duncan Smith‘s welfare reforms are forcing many Britons into “forced penury” as they mark an increasing return to the principles of the Victorian “Poor Laws”, leading academics have warned. Dr Chris Grover, … Continue reading

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