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…and now he’s coming for the self – employed

Reposted from the Void As part of his cunning plan, Gidiot Osborne – the Chancer (No – not a spelling mistake) of the Exchequer, now has his sights set on the self – employed. Plans to raise the minimum wage … Continue reading

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The REAL benefit cheats.

Reposted from The Guardian on line In the last year, Tesco has cost the Treasury £364m in pay-rate supplements. Photograph: Carl Court/AFP/Getty I really don’t know why the government is making such heavy weather of cutting £12bn off the benefits … Continue reading

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Universal Chaos – bonfire of the vanity project

Reposted from Public and Commercial Services (PCS) union people magazine Making work or claimants pay? Iain Duncan Smith claims that Universal Credit (UC), the governments new single benefit, is being rolled out successfully under budget. The reality, according to PCS … Continue reading

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Need cheering up? This latest update on Universal Credit should do it!

Reposted from ComputerWorldUK There are now 160 people working on the Universal Credit digital service, according to minister for disabled people Mark Harper. It is a dramatic increase in manpower compared with last January, when just three members of DWP … Continue reading

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Tax reconciliation errors affect ‘thousands’

Reposted from Accounting Web Oh dear…Real Time Information (RTI) the basta*d son of Universal Credit seems to be just as much of a balls up! HMRC has “stopped” issuing income tax repayments after a leaked email revealed that end of … Continue reading

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Why the self-employed need to wake up to the threat posed by Universal Credit

Main article reposted from The RSA (Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce) Some of you may recall an article I published in June of this year about  Iain Duncan Smith via Jobcentre plus, pushing people into self employment … Continue reading

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DWP plotting ‘secret’ universal credit plans – says Micheal Meacher Labour MP

Reposted from Dash 24 A Labour MP has claimed that the government is “keeping under wraps” plans to make people who lose their jobs wait five weeks before they get any benefit payment under universal credit. Michael Meacher, MP for … Continue reading

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Duncan Smith denies ‘deception’ over universal credit

Reposted from BBC news The BBC making negative comments about the lies that IDS has been telling about Universal Credit…Gosh, wonders will never cease! Related Stories Labour ‘to pause universal credit’ Universal Credit policy expanded Universal Credit inquiry ‘hampered’ A … Continue reading

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DWP refuses to disclose universal credit alternative payment figures

The DWP are at it again, refusing to respond to a Freedom of Information request, on the grounds that, “On this occasion, the balance of the public interest test falls in favour of withholding this information. statistics on this issue … Continue reading

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Top tribunals judge questions universal credit ‘disappearance’

Well this is rather interesting… a top tribunal judge states that the DWP says there will be NO universal credit appeals between now and 2019; now why would that be? Answers on a postcard please. A senior tribunals judge has … Continue reading

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