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NEET = Not in Employment, Education or Training. This is my lovely (most of the time) son Huw. He’s 19 years old. He is a NEET. It bothers everyone, except him. He’s just published his first book. http://www.amazon.com/Tomorrow-Gone-Huw-Millward-ebook/sim/B00TJ5DUIQ/2 He has … Continue reading

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Movement to Work Scheme

Reposted from Public & Commercial Services Union website Members urged to sign petition calling for HMRC to cease involvement in Workfare scheme – Volunteers sought for PCS working group – Branches to monitor and report numbers participating in Movement to … Continue reading

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Recordings of how JSA claimants are spoken to – and why the DWP must be stopped from arresting witnesses

Reposted from Kate Belgrave. The advice is worth following … NEVER go anywhere official alone. Remember it is your right to be accompanied. http://www.katebelgrave.com/2015/02/recordings-of-how-jsa-claimants-are-spoken-to-and-why-the-dwp-must-be-stopped-from-arresting-witnesses/

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We’ve stopped taking people on workfare placements except when we take them by accident…?

Reposted from Kate Belgrave I was talking very recently with a group of people who are on a 30-hour-a-week workfare Community Work Placement (CWP) at at Haringey charity. Their workfare provider is the G4S subcontractor Urban Futures, finder of these … Continue reading

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Ten former A4E employees guilty in fraud scam

Reposted from Morning Star on line Fraud convictions handed down to four former employees of disgraced back-to-work recruiter A4E have illustrated the abject failure of coalition workfare schemes, campaigners said yesterday. A4E claimed £1.3 million from the Department of Work … Continue reading

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DWP orders man to work without pay for company that let him go

Reposted from The Guardian UNFUCKINGBELIEVABLE! John McArthur makes his one-man protest outside LAMH in Motherwell after having his jobseeker’s allowance cut. Photograph: Alan Watson/HE Media/South West News A man who was laid off at the end of his temporary job … Continue reading

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Mutuality of obligation… the irreducible minimum.

For some time now, I have been concerned that the workfare programme is illegal, particularly around the contract issue. So with a bit of time on my hands today, I decided to look at this in some more detail. I should … Continue reading

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Why do right-wing people support workfare?

Reblogged from Another Angry Voice (he’s from Yorkshire, he calls a spade a spade and I like his style!) One of the big mysteries in politics is why so many right-wing people support Iain Duncan Smith’s Stalinist Workfare schemes, which … Continue reading

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Iain Duncan Smith: Slavery and Narcissism

Reblogged from Another Angry Voice Iain Duncan Smith has once again demonstrated how out of touch with reality he is. In an absurdly self-congratulatory speech he compared his “welfare reforms” (which are hopelessly inefficient, economically illiterate, dishonest, unlawful,discriminatory, fraud riddled, punitive, target driven, wasteful, incompetently administered and compassionless) with the abolitionist … Continue reading

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UK councils found to benefit from half a million hours of unpaid labour

Bexley council said many of its unpaid placements were in library services, where paid positions were lost in 2012. Photograph: Christopher Thomond Scores of UK councils have benefited from more than half a million hours of unpaid labour through government … Continue reading

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