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Universal Chaos – bonfire of the vanity project

Reposted from Public and Commercial Services (PCS) union people magazine Making work or claimants pay? Iain Duncan Smith claims that Universal Credit (UC), the governments new single benefit, is being rolled out successfully under budget. The reality, according to PCS … Continue reading

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Recordings of how JSA claimants are spoken to – and why the DWP must be stopped from arresting witnesses

Reposted from Kate Belgrave. The advice is worth following … NEVER go anywhere official alone. Remember it is your right to be accompanied. http://www.katebelgrave.com/2015/02/recordings-of-how-jsa-claimants-are-spoken-to-and-why-the-dwp-must-be-stopped-from-arresting-witnesses/

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‘People are dying!’ Oldham MP blasts Iain Duncan Smith over benefit claim sanctions

Reposted from Mancunian Matters Oldham MP Debbie Abrahams has sensationally accused the Government of contributing to the deaths of vulnerable people due to sanctioning benefit claims in order to improve figures. The Oldham East and Saddleworth constituent publicly lambasted the … Continue reading

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‘Jobcentres Exist To Ration Access To Benefits’

Reposted from Vox Political Excellent post about what Jobcentre plus is really for … http://wp.me/p4Sru1-1Xm      

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Jobseeker Sanction Advice

Posting this because people may find it useful Link to the site here:-   http://jobseekersanctionadvice.com/   Jobseeker Sanction Advice Home Page Hello and welcome to the website of the J.S.S.A. Now we wouldn’t blame you for wondering, who are JobSeeker Sanction … Continue reading

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Jobcentre Manager: “There Are Now Targets For Bullying Claimants Off ESA”

Reposted from Same Difference Many thanks to Benefits And Work for their very useful summary of a very important article. Earlier this month Benefits and Work reported that there had been a massive and unexplained rise in the number of ESA sanctions, with the total … Continue reading

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What’s wrong with workfare?

Reposted from keep volunteering voluntary 1 It undermines genuine volunteering Workfare is forced labour  – the opposite of volunteering. As Oxfam has pointed out, “These schemes involve forced volunteering, which is not only an oxymoron, but undermines people’s belief in the enormous … Continue reading

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How can PIP be sanctionable?

reblogged from Disabled People against Cuts Personal Independence Payment (PIP) is the new benefit which replaces Disability Living Allowance (DLA).  DLA was introduced in the UK in 1992, and its main purpose was to compensate for the extra costs associated … Continue reading

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