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Judge, jury and executioner.

Reposted from The Independent I don’t know what this man was in prison for and I don’t want to know … we are all innocent until presumed guilty after all … aren’t we? Security camera footage showed the officers stripping … Continue reading

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Rainsbrook G4S youth prison slammed by Ofsted report as children suffer ‘racist’, ‘degrading’ abuse from guards high on drugs

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again; privatisation of services used by the ill, elderly, vulnerable and disabled should NEVER be happen. It seems the tory tossers don’t give a monkeys left one about private firms profiting from … Continue reading

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Ministry of (In) Justice.

HMP Oakwood G4s, the private company that runs Birmingham & Oakwood prisons have been told by the Ministry of Justice to ban a penal reform charity from visiting those prisons to see the work they are doing to improve conditions … Continue reading

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We’ve stopped taking people on workfare placements except when we take them by accident…?

Reposted from Kate Belgrave I was talking very recently with a group of people who are on a 30-hour-a-week workfare Community Work Placement (CWP) at at Haringey charity. Their workfare provider is the G4S subcontractor Urban Futures, finder of these … Continue reading

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Why being banned is no bar for G4S

Reposted from Private Eye   THE government’s claim that G4S was barred from negotiating for new contracts pending an “independent review” of its overcharging for prisoner tagging would appear to be complete bunkum – at least as far as work … Continue reading

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Childrens Services too important to be privatised

Reposted from the Guardian Is there nothing these twonks won’t consider privatising? (think I just answered my own question there)  A letter signed by 37 senior social services figures and published in the Guardian says child protection is too important … Continue reading

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G4S’s £24m offer for overcharging on tagging rejected by MoJ

Reblogged from the Guardian Now consider this, if a tax credit claimant fraudulently claimed tax credits there is every chance they would receive a custodial sentence … so why aren’t these shysters being imprisoned for stealing from the taxpayer on … Continue reading

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Public Accounts Committee to question private companies on public services failings

Reblogging this from False Economy; should be an interesting debate. I’ll post more on this when I receive an update. For all those interested in privatisation of public services – and why it should stop: At 2:15 pm today, the Public … Continue reading

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