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Oh what a tangled web he weaves, when first he practices to deceive *

Reposted from the Morning Star on line *With apologies to Sir Walter Scott    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marmion_(poem) AFTER a long wait, the much anticipated benefit claimant death figures were finally released by Iain Duncan Smith (IDS) this summer after being blocked for … Continue reading

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Daughter of man who committed suicide after being found fit to work takes human rights case to UN

Reposted from The National THE grieving daughter of a disabled man who took his own life after being wrongly declared fit for work is getting help from Scottish disability rights campaigners to take his case to the United Nations over … Continue reading

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John McDonnell’s speech to Labour party conference

Reposted from Politics Home Can you imagine Gidiot Osborne making a speech like this … I warn you this is not my usual rant, they get me into trouble and Jeremy has told me to behave myself. Jeremy and I … Continue reading

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FOI – Do or Die!

Freedom of Information Act 2000 I’m getting this Freedom of Information (FOI) request in before the Nazi   Nasty party start charging £600 to make a request; http://voxpoliticalonline.com/2015/09/17/tory-bid-to-put-freedom-of-information-out-of-your-price-range/  Here’s the article, originally published by the excellent John Pring on Disability … Continue reading

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Police break down door of Mansfield man’s flat after DWP told them he could be suicidal

Reposted from Mansfield CHAD Kevan Ramsdale of Bowling Street, Mansfield. Police smashed his door down last after DWP told them he might be suicidal. Police officers smashed down the front door of a Mansfield man’s flat after the DWP tipped … Continue reading

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DWP urged to publish inquiries on benefit claimant suicides

Reposted from Guardian Society The wheels grind exceedingly slow, but exceedingly fine. A small part of me hopes that the constant pressure on DWP to properly account for the consequences of their actions and of that odious little sh*t IDS … Continue reading

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Iain Duncan Smith’s “profound moral mission”

Reblogged from Another Angry Voice I’ve written before about the Orwellian Tory assertions that Iain Duncan Smith’s ideological attacks on the social security system represent some kind of “moral mission” (here). However I’m going to address the subject again, but … Continue reading

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