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Assault on Legal Aid

Reposted from Politics Home At long last ladies and gentlemen, we have an effective opposition party after years in the tory lite wilderness. Jeremy Corbyn has announced a review into what he dubs the Government’s “assault on legal aid”. Changes brought in … Continue reading

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why are all these lawyers on strike?

Reposted from Channel 4 fact check As someone who represented themselves as a litigant in person in a civil action against the police, I can tell you it was far from easy. I class myself as reasonably intelligent, but it was … Continue reading

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Freedom of Information – Michael Goves part in its’ downfall.

Reposted from FoI Man FOIMan explains why he is worried for the future of FOI as a result of the Justice Secretary’s comments yesterday. News reports over the weekend suggested that the new Justice Secretary, Michael Gove, was planning a renewed attack on … Continue reading

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Sodexo hits probation services with massive redundancies

Reposted from National Association of Prison Officers On Friday 27 March 2015 Napo was informed that Sodexo, one of the private companies running 6 of the Community Rehabilitation Companies, will be making massive cuts to staff over the next 12 … Continue reading

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Ministry of (In) Justice.

HMP Oakwood G4s, the private company that runs Birmingham & Oakwood prisons have been told by the Ministry of Justice to ban a penal reform charity from visiting those prisons to see the work they are doing to improve conditions … Continue reading

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Slump in tribunal cases prompts review calls

Reposted from the Law Gazette I do not think the issue fee of £250 is the main problem as there is a fee remission process and some firms could even loan this to the client. The problem is the hearing … Continue reading

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Judge tries to source interpreter from CHINESE TAKEAWAYS as private company fails to provide one

Reposted from the Mirror Now those lovable ol’ tories would have you believe that privatisation is just great and you silly members of the public don’t need to worry your pretty little heads about it; this article however begs to … Continue reading

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MOJ strike against privatisation

Reposted from PCS website  Hundreds of our members are striking today against Ministry of Justice plans to privatise their work, with the threat of sensitive data being sent overseas. Don’t offshore our jobs and data, is the message from our … Continue reading

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Rise of unrepresented litigants

We knew this would happen didn’t we? As the article says, it’s false economy because cases now take longer.  No justice for you if you’re low paid eh! A rise in the number of people representing themselves in person at … Continue reading

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People stripped of benefits could be charged for challenging decision

Reposted from The Guardian You couldn’t make it up could you ….. David Cameron has been blamed for creating a ‘national crisis’ because of ‘punitive sanctions’ and other DWP failures. Photograph: Joe Giddens/PA People who have been stripped of benefits could be … Continue reading

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