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“Lessons have been learned”

Do you recognise that quote? It’s the quote that is often trollied out when someone dies at the hands of the state; usually preceded by the words a Police/NHS/DWP (delete as applicable) spokesperson says … As some of you may … Continue reading

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Government proposes inquiry into moving to a ‘pay NHS’

Reposted from Our NHS; article by Richard Grimes  Last week the government quietly announced a review into the biggest political hot potato of all – and almost no-one noticed. Imagine for a moment that you are the newly re-elected Conservative … Continue reading

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A quiet days trading.

With thanks to Labour Left Only £30000000 of NHS Contacts offered to Private Health in the last 24 hours. A quiet day’s trading. Proof (as if it were needed) that the NHS is NOT safe in the hands of the … Continue reading

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Do nothing … end up with nothing.

photo courtesy of The Guardian Apologies for the scary photo, but I wanted to illustrate that CaMORON is really Thatcher in disguise and whilst in real life (unlike this photo) he may not look like her, he IS expanding on … Continue reading

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