Poverty Profiteers To Hold Forced Labour Party!

the void

snouts The welfare-to-work industry are to splash out yet more tax payers money holding a glitzy award ceremony for workfare exploiters and poverty profiteers like A4e and G4S.

ERSA – the trade body paid to spin the facts on behalf of the welfare-to-work sector – have called for nominations for the awards which will be take place at a special drinks ceremony (sponsored by Specialist Recruitment Partners) where Minister for Unemployment Esther McVey will be present.

Awards will not just go to the tax-payer funded spivs involved in the welfare-to-work racket, but also companies who exploit claimants by forcing them to work without pay.  Last year’s winners were B&M Stores who have long been the target of anti-workfare campaigners.  Let’s make sure whoever wins this year gets what’s coming to them as well.

Appallingly the main sponsors of the event are so-called charity The Shaw Trust, an organisation responsible for…

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