IDS reacts “furiously” to anything that criticises him.

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Is he losing the plot?

To be honest I’m starting to have grave concerns over the Secretary of State for Work & Pension’s state of health.

In a recent Daily Mail article to which we will not link, Iain Duncan Smith has had yet another angry turn.  It comes as yet another damning report over his ill fated welfare reforms lands on his desk.  It’s becoming a bizarre and quite worrying behavioural trait for Smith to lash out in angry outbursts as he springs to the defence of his fast failing reforms.  

On this occasion, a 22 page report by United Nations poverty ‘ambassadors’ has led an attack on the Coalition’s welfare reforms.   Smith has apparently reacted furiously to the ‘absurd and unwarranted intervention’ and retorted in his usual self protective style by saying the report was ‘riddled with faulty logic’.   He rambles on to say ‘They talk down our country, criticising the action we’ve taken to get control of the public finances and create a fairer more prosperous Britain.

 ‘They simply do not have a clue – and we will not be taking lessons from a group of unelected commentators who can’t get their facts straight.”

He goes on to say the report’s author is a ‘Brazil Nut’.  

I’m worried because these outbursts are becoming more and more frequent.  I suspect Smith is nigh on barking at the moon following the loss of yet another DWP court case.  Smith usually comes out with some outlandish statement as the Courts continue to rule against him but on this occasion he’s got one of his minions at the DWP to convey his usual distortion of events:

“We’re pleased the Court recognised that if claimants do not play by the rules and meet their conditions to do all they can to look for work and get a job, we can stop their benefits. That is only right.”

I very much doubt Smith is in fact ‘pleased’ with the judgement.  I rather suspect the delivery of yet another judicial blow had him pacing the floor, suitably red faced and angry, in much the same way as he near enough explodes in that awful vile temper when putting in a rare appearance before the increasingly enquiring DWP select committee.  As Adam Wagner sums it up all too well, Smith will have had little to be pleased about:

The Jobseekers (Back to Work) Schemes Act 2013 breaches the right to a fair trial, rules high court 

All of which comes on the back of yet more angry exchanges as Smith fails to please angry MP’s over the pathetically slow progress of Universal Credit.  The Guardian reported back in February over how Iain Duncan Smith faces angry MPs over universal credit and once again within the article we have another reference to ‘bad-tempered exchanges’.  

What is it with IDS? – every exchange he seems to enter in to is one of anger. 

Check out IDS’s alarming list of ‘angry related articles…

Iain Duncan Smith: even his anger is strangely bloodless

Iain Duncan Smith Loses Temper With Owen Jones on Question time

Another angry voice: Iain Duncan Smith’s callous contempt for the dead

Sparring with Andrew Neil over wasted money on Universal Credit

Furious Iain Duncan Smith threatened a Treasury official he would ‘bite your balls off’ in an extraordinary row over attempts to block his flagship welfare reforms.

Iain Duncan Smith Launches Shocking Attack On Disabled Workers

yet another ill-tempered session of a key Commons committee with the minister responsible, Iain Duncan Smith.

Mr Duncan Smith is furious with judges, blaming “judicial activism” for widening the definition of disability.

Iain Duncan Smith bullied aide to tears over his expenses 

Iain Duncan Smith’s fury at the BBC

Iain Duncan Smith says he is “absolutely furious” about London Mayor Boris Johnson’s approval…

Iain Duncan Smith is furious and has complained bitterly because the BBC led its news bulletins ….

And this is the man which the Country trusts with reforming the welfare state??????

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37 Responses to IDS reacts “furiously” to anything that criticises him.

  1. Reblogged this on Ace Friends News and commented:
    #AND2014 – l had grave concerns when Paul Merton on UK I Have news for you compare him as two brother’s – Duncan and Smith.


  2. sdbast says:

    Reblogged this on sdbast.


  3. chriskitcher says:

    This twat is a complete waste of time


  4. Pingback: IDS reacts "furiously" to anything th...

  5. The Quiet Man (though not much-so when riled, apparently) should be very, very careful when bandying about the term ‘unelected’, I think — because, as I recall, not a one of us elected this shambles of a ‘government’ into office, and certainly none of us elected the Secretary in State for the Department of Punishment & Workfare, with his clown-car of unending failures and precious ‘beliefs’, to his cushy and well-paid seat!!


  6. I am a 57-year-old Disability Studies specialist and disability activist from Montreal, Canada who has been reporting frequently and voluntarily, since January 2012, to senior United Nations officials, on the welfare crisis for the United Kingdom’s sick and disabled.

    I have no intention of communicating further with Iain Duncan Smith because of his despicable performance at the Opposition Day Debate. I am communicating instead with Mike Penning,
    Minister of State for Disabled People.


    • Hi Samuel
      I am aware of your stalwart work through Mike Sivier on the Vox Political blog. I assisted him when he was trying to hold DWP to account over the mortality statistics of those found fit for work.
      I sincerely hope that you have better luck with Mike Penning, but, I won’t hold my breath.

      Kind regards



  7. beastrabban says:

    Reblogged this on Beastrabban’s Weblog and commented:
    Nick @ Ilegal comments on the increasing outbursts of popeyed rage from IDS, the minister for wrecking the welfare state and driving the desperate to suicide. After Raquel Rolnik, the UN rapporteur, who dared to criticise his reforms for the growth of poverty in this country, RTU has been reduced to ranting and name calling, describing her as a ‘Brazil Nut’. This, of course, comes from the man one commenter to my blog told me was affectionately nicknamed ‘Tosser’ by his fellow officers and men in the army. IDS is clearly under pressure from the DWP enquiry, and it’s beginning to show.


  8. jaypot2012 says:

    Said it before and I’ll say it again – George Smith has Narcissistic personality disorder. The more he is criticised the more he will self-destruct, and boy oh boy, this is what I’ve been longing for.
    Carry on Smith, you are finally starting to realise just how insignificant you are as a “person”. I hope the wife and the in-laws are having a go at you as well 🙂


  9. jaypot2012 says:

    Reblogged this on Jay's Journal and commented:
    Let’s hope that this is the start of the end…


  10. Jim Brinton says:

    They simply do not have a clue – and we will not be taking lessons from a group of unelected commentators who can’t get their facts straight.”
    Speaking of unelected Ian, your incompetent and brutal regime is being carried out on behalf of an unelected coalition so let’s not be too dismissive eh?


  11. ID-S = Irritable Despot Syndrome


  12. Dear dunk, you know and we all know that your lib-condemns government are the scum of the world. since the liberals sold out the British people and helped put your party of psychopaths into power the chances of the British people being given the opportunity of living in a FAIRER AND MORE PROSPEROUS SOCIETY HAS EVAPORATED. Your party and yourselves in particular have seen to it that the sick, disabled and unemployed have suffered as never before, your party is the party of greed and corruption and along with your crooked cabal of bankers and sycophants you all are without morals, compassion, empathy or sympathy and we the people recognize you as the vermin that you are, . My advice is this simple put on your boots and actually get out there and kick the disabled to death yourself , go on we know you want to ,to quell that deep rooted inferior complex that eats every day where your heart used to be.


  13. George O'Mahoney says:

    Have shared this, excellent.


  14. Reblogged this on forcemajeure007 and commented:
    IDS Instant Dynamite Shmuck
    Regards FM007


  15. Peter Kennedy says:

    Inept Dickensian Shit is my personal favourite new name for him. IMO opinion he’s a cert for Dementia.


  16. George says:

    They have got it spot on scumbag,you say you will not be told b unelected ,well i did not vote for the Tory scum it was forced on me and that iwas against my human rights,so IDS look in the mirror and look behind you,you huve people following you everywhere that’s called ghosts of all the people that have died because of your unlawful cuts in benefits,you will have them on your brain and they will there the rest of your life what you have left of it anyway


  17. hugosmum70 says:

    had we still got mental asylums IDS would by now, be an in patient in one of them… actually Broadmoor still going??? IDEAL CANDIDATE FOR THAT PLACE


  18. @ hugosmum70 A little bird tells me that IDS may be moved to defence and Phillip Hammond will take over the work and pensions slot, although whether or not he’ll just be more of the same, who knows!


  19. hugosmum70 says:

    thanks for that wibbly, dont know much about phillip hammond. but surely he cant be as bad as IDS has been. as for the latter being moved to defence. God help the whole country, not just the disabled etc. cos he will dismantle all the bloody armed forces next.leave us open to anyone who cares to invade n take us over.


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